From School Abroad to School Back Home

School Back Home

“Mommy, you know… if all children went to international schools, there would be no more war. Because… I mean…who would actually fight their friends?” These amazing words came from the mouth of my seven-year old son while living abroad. It was one of those moments my heart nearly burst with pride and simultaneous sadness. We would shortly be moving our children to school back home in homogenous suburbia in the U.S. Will he remember this sentiment? I love my home. …

World Smile Day

A smile can go a long way; that is nothing really new. But did you know we have World Smile Day? I got curious about the why! Did we really become that frustrated and grumpy that we need a day to remind us to smile? Do we need a day to remind us to be friendlier to those around us, to be less self-centered and acknowledge others? Those thoughts are not far off if you read the explanations on Wikipedia: …


Returning Home & Re-Thinking Re-Entry

Cate Brubaker Rethinking ReEntry I Am A Triangle

When I give an interview these days, or talk to anyone about my repatriation story, I often can recall the physical reaction that I had to the repatriation process. After returning home, felt truly depressed, for the first time in my life, and felt as though I had no purpose. I went from vibrant, excited and inspired to lethargic, homebound and unmotivated. Even the way I dressed and showed up to the world changed after we left Asia to return …


Gratitude Day

gratitude day lina trochez

September 21 is Gratitude Day (it’s also the International Day of Peace). Inside our I Am A Triangle community, we’re talking about peace and gratitude. Over the summer, I’ve taken on a gratitude challenge with one of my friends. We are both using the Rituals For Living DreamBook system to help organize our days, and make sure our life goals are actually being accomplished … one week at a time. Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has …


Colorism in Asia: Blinded by Color

colorism in asia

While I was at the morning market with friends the other day, an incident occurred that really disturbed me. With my family were two other families, one of which have two adopted children —one from Vietnam and one from Ethiopia. We were strolling along, minding our own business, when, suddenly, an older woman came pushing through our group, mumbling. She then stood in front of me staring at something and talking to herself. When I followed her gaze, I realized …

Cultural Differences: Moving To Germany

Driving in germany

We moved to Germany after three years living in Bangkok. Forget all the cultural differences – do you know what my biggest worry was? Driving. Back in the UK I drove every day, no problem. But then we moved to Bangkok and for three whole years I didn’t get behind the wheel once. But it wasn’t lack of practice that worried me. It was being on the wrong side of the road. Literally. In the UK, unlike the rest of …

Gina Bianchini, Founder of Mighty Networks

Listen in for an informative interview with Gina Bianchini, the Founder of the Mighty Networks platform and Naomi Hattaway, the Founder of I Am A Triangle, a community for those living their best life abroad. For members of online communities, that experience can be life changing. And for the world, well, it couldn’t be clearer today the value of a new social network for the deep interests that bring us together, not just the well-worn identities that are tearing us …


Following my husband and capturing the fabulise

Warren Wong Lisa Browne I Am A Triangle

It’s basically a free pass to reinvent yourself. Or at least it has been for me. I’m talking about the urge to start anew when you land in a new country as an expat. For me, following my husband meant I gave up a job (and you may have done the same, given up a job or career in your passport country, or the country that you lived in previously). My first time jumping ship and following my husband allowed …


Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Denise Schnitzer I Am A Triangle

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your cancelled visa and repatriation plane ticket. Nine months ago, HH (handsome hubby) and I repatriated to the USA. After four magical years in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we put our worldly possessions into 32 boxes and prayed for them to end up on land, not at the bottom of the ocean. We gifted our plants, dishes, anything with a plug, and all food stuffs from the cupboards and fridge to friends and building staff.   Attending “good-bye” parties …


The Space Between: Arriving and Departing

Carolyn Parse Rizzo I Am A Triangle

Let’s leave grazing to cows and go Where we know what everyone really intends Where we can walk around without clothes on. –from Rumi’s Let’s Go Home The space between arriving and departing can be rich and profound, but be warned: if still waters run deep then diving down there swirls the sludge around. What was lodged and decaying may surface. It can be disruptive.  Be ready! It’s summer, you’re on vacation. There you are, doing the backstroke, eyes closed, …