Meet Michael V. Pollock

Michael V. Pollock I Am A Triangle

Meet Michael V. Pollock! Michael V. Pollock is an international educator, author, presenter, consultant, coach and TCK care advocate. His passion for cross cultural care and mentoring, fueled by his father Dr. David Pollock’s example, his own TCK childhood in the US and Kenya, and 9 years as a trainer, presenter, administrator with LDi (Leadership Development International) in China and father of TCKs — led him to found Daraja in 2012.  With a Masters in Education and certifications in experiential education and coaching, …

The great escape! Horse Riding Safari

Cynthia Janssens I Am A Triangle

“What in the world was I thinking?!” As the date of my horse riding safari rapidly approached, that was the thought crossing my mind. Not only had I not been on a horse in 20 years, but what if I was attacked by an animal? All those things that had seemed like details at the time of booking, were now all running through my head. Back when I had made the reservation, I was going through a rough stretch. We …


24 Life Lessons From My Morning Walk

Morning Walk I Am A Triangle

When my son was a little over a year old, a friend and I began The Morning Walk. Our motivations were simple: lose weight, break up the long days alone with the baby, and vent. We live in a valley between the foothills of the Alps, down a steep hill from the village center. We both pushed strollers up the curving incline to the center of town. Our muscles grew along with our kids.  Preschool began; we dropped the strollers …

Returning Home & Re-Thinking Re-Entry

Cate Brubaker Rethinking ReEntry I Am A Triangle

When I give an interview these days, or talk to anyone about my repatriation story, I often can recall the physical reaction that I had to the repatriation process. After returning home, felt truly depressed, for the first time in my life, and felt as though I had no purpose. I went from vibrant, excited and inspired to lethargic, homebound and unmotivated. Even the way I dressed and showed up to the world changed after we left Asia to return …


Gratitude Day

gratitude day lina trochez

September 21 is Gratitude Day (it’s also the International Day of Peace). Inside our I Am A Triangle community, we’re talking about peace and gratitude. Over the summer, I’ve taken on a gratitude challenge with one of my friends. We are both using the Rituals For Living DreamBook system to help organize our days, and make sure our life goals are actually being accomplished … one week at a time. Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has …


Wanting to Belong

a key belongs to it`s lock

Belonging – such a simple yet powerful word. And this word is stuck in my head since our family vacation. I have been living abroad for 15 years now. Is this reoccurring thought of “belonging” – this longing for a place and wanting to belong – a subconscious sign of wanting to settle down? Or does is simply represent the confusion in my mind of not knowing where I really belong and call home? Do I long for something else? …

Sending Support to Texas

Stepan Vrany Sending Support to Texas

Sending support to Texas In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it is becoming clear that it is going to take time and incredible resources to rebuild not just the city of Houston, but the whole region. If you would like to contribute to sending support to Texas, and helping with the immediate need for emergency relief and to rebuilding this area, here are some suggestions: GIVE This is not an exhaustive list but offers some suggestions for organizations and initiatives providing …


Colorism in Asia: Blinded by Color

colorism in asia

While I was at the morning market with friends the other day, an incident occurred that really disturbed me. With my family were two other families, one of which have two adopted children —one from Vietnam and one from Ethiopia. We were strolling along, minding our own business, when, suddenly, an older woman came pushing through our group, mumbling. She then stood in front of me staring at something and talking to herself. When I followed her gaze, I realized …

Cultural Differences: Moving To Germany

Driving in germany

We moved to Germany after three years living in Bangkok. Forget all the cultural differences – do you know what my biggest worry was? Driving. Back in the UK I drove every day, no problem. But then we moved to Bangkok and for three whole years I didn’t get behind the wheel once. But it wasn’t lack of practice that worried me. It was being on the wrong side of the road. Literally. In the UK, unlike the rest of …


3 Practices for Cultivating Inner Freedom

Home in Body and Mind “Is there some way to be at home in this being I find myself being?  To be at home in this body and mind?” asks Zen teacher Edward Epe Brown in a delightfully practical guide to Buddhist meditation called Joyful Mind.   I bought that book two months after I left my passport country, fourteen years ago today.  I had two suitcases with me and wouldn’t see my household goods for another year. We moved every …