The Expat Introvert: 3 Top Tips

the expat introvert

Let’s face facts; like it or not, the expat culture is an extroverted one.   Expats meet and greet one another frequently over drinks, (it’s also a drinking culture) coffee, dinners, parties and sports. This can pose a challenge for the expat introvert who is most happy at home curled up with a good book, or having a one-on-one in-depth conversation. What can the expat introvert do to optimize their experience abroad, while remaining true to their introverted nature? Tip # …


Crossing Cultures with Your Child’s Health Condition

child's health condition

During my years as a child life specialist in the United States, I provided psychosocial care to children and families who were facing a hospitalization.  My job was to predict potential stressors and help shift the perception of threat so that kids would feel less anxious and more in control.  The idea was to help kids take an active role in their own medical care, allowing them to thrive not only physically, but emotionally and developmentally. I was part of a …


Letting Go of First Borns

letting go of first borns Angela Walker I Am A Triangle

I just dropped off my first born son at university. For the weeks and months leading up to this day I spoke to friends, both expat and “muggles” about their experience of letting go of first borns. I wanted to be prepared and allow the process to unfold naturally and be present to the unique journey that we were both about to embark on. This was huge. A massive moment to mark the end of his childhood and an enormous …

World Food Day: Raising Awareness

World Food Day

October 16th is a day designated by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN to bring global awareness to issues related to food. In the past, most of us first-worlders didn’t give much thought to where our food came from or how it was produced. Thanks in part to the FAO and World Food Day, things are changing and people worldwide are becoming more interested in food production and related issues. As expats, internationals or triangles, many of us have …

Sarita Hartz: Self Care for Expats

Sarita Hartz Self Care for Expats

Listen in to hear my conversation with Sarita Hartz as we discuss self care for expats, burnout, mission work, radical self care, technology fasts and more! If you prefer to read the transcript, scroll down past the video. I kind of thought of anything self care as selfish, so I would think, ‘Oh, that’s just selfish. You shouldn’t focus on yourself, you should focus on other people.” The faulty logic with that, is when you’re not taking care of you, …


International Day of the Girl: 12 Essential Life Lessons

Girl with Backpack and Camara Arms Open Eyes Closed

“Está tratando para la embra!” “You’re trying for the girl!” This was the phrase we heard over and over again from our Dominican friends, colleagues, neighbors and even our doctor when we found out we were pregnant with our third child, after two boys, while living in the Dominican Republic. Sure, it would be nice to have a girl, but of course, it doesn’t work that way and we knew it. We were simply “trying” to have a third baby. …


From School Abroad to School Back Home

School Back Home

“Mommy, you know… if all children went to international schools, there would be no more war. Because… I mean…who would actually fight their friends?” These amazing words came from the mouth of my seven-year old son while living abroad. It was one of those moments my heart nearly burst with pride and simultaneous sadness. We would shortly be moving our children to school back home in homogenous suburbia in the U.S. Will he remember this sentiment? I love my home. …

World Smile Day

A smile can go a long way; that is nothing really new. But did you know we have World Smile Day? I got curious about the why! Did we really become that frustrated and grumpy that we need a day to remind us to smile? Do we need a day to remind us to be friendlier to those around us, to be less self-centered and acknowledge others? Those thoughts are not far off if you read the explanations on Wikipedia: …

Meet Rachel Yates

Rachel Yates I Am A Triangle

Meet Rachel Yates If you’ve met Rachel Yates, you know that her amazing sense of humor ensures you’ll never know quite what to expect! Rachel is the founder of The Expat LifeLine, a training and production company that develops resources to help expats live smarter, stronger and more secure international lives. She is the creator of the Moving With Kids Summit and The Global Girl’s Guide to Creating a Back Up Plan, and hosts regular live workshops featuring expert guests from the world of cross …


Meet Michael V. Pollock

Michael V. Pollock I Am A Triangle

Meet Michael V. Pollock! Michael V. Pollock is an international educator, author, presenter, consultant, coach and TCK care advocate. His passion for cross cultural care and mentoring, fueled by his father Dr. David Pollock’s example, his own TCK childhood in the US and Kenya, and 9 years as a trainer, presenter, administrator with LDi (Leadership Development International) in China and father of TCKs — led him to found Daraja in 2012.  With a Masters in Education and certifications in experiential education and coaching, …