Ambivert Appointments

I Am A Triangle Ambiverts Nancy Campbell Luke Chesser

Living overseas, especially when you live in a beautiful place like Southern Spain, creates its own form of guilt. How can you be anything less than content in the land of tinto de verano, endless sunshine, fiestas, and family? Those who know the feeling understand. The ache. Watching others chat over coffee, while you are mentally practicing how to order one. Lingering at the schoolyard, while other parents catch up on gossip. Scanning through social media, it seems your former …

Jeff Kirschner, Founder of Litterati app

Litterati app

This is a FASCINATING introduction to the Litterati app, which is literally changing the planet, one piece of litter at a time! Why this is such a great fit for our Triangle community is because it provides an easy to way to engage with our planet, no matter where we are currently calling home, and involving our families and co-workers! You simply capture photos of the litter or rubbish you come across in your daily life and tag it with the type …

Gina Bianchini, Founder of Mighty Networks

Listen in for an informative interview with Gina Bianchini, the Founder of the Mighty Networks platform and Naomi Hattaway, the Founder of I Am A Triangle, a community for those living their best life abroad. For members of online communities, that experience can be life changing. And for the world, well, it couldn’t be clearer today the value of a new social network for the deep interests that bring us together, not just the well-worn identities that are tearing us …


Where I Am From

Cornelia Miedler I Am A Triangle

My husband and I took a road trip to the South of France recently. On the search for those famous lavender fields, we stopped in the tiny town of Nyons. It was clearly a place where a lot of tourists ended up on their quest to find the purple beauty. The town itself did not have a lot to offer and it was difficult to find a restaurant that had a table for two because of all the out-of-towners invading …

I Am A Triangle Recommended Podcasts

podcasts living abroad resources i am a triangle

We have some AMAZING suggestions as it relates to I Am A Triangle recommended podcasts! If you have additional resources that you would suggest or podcasts to recommend, please leave them in the comments! First up, our featured podcast, WOW IN THE WORLD from NPR: WOW IN THE WORLD – great kids’ podcast! Visit these links to learn more about other I Am A Triangle Recommended Podcasts!   THE MINDFUL EXPAT Focuses on issues related to emotional wellbeing and resilience …


International Infinity Day

International Infinity Day David Veitch I Am A Triangle

I had not even had time to think of a subject for this post when somebody suggested Infinity Day. This seemed a good topic as International Infinity Day is the official launch date for the new expat and repatriate network: “I am a Triangle”. Knowing nothing about Infinity Day except its date 8th August I had to look it up. What I found initially sounded a little too intellectual for me: “Celebrating and promoting Philosophy and Philosophising”. I had difficulty …


Following my husband and capturing the fabulise

Warren Wong Lisa Browne I Am A Triangle

It’s basically a free pass to reinvent yourself. Or at least it has been for me. I’m talking about the urge to start anew when you land in a new country as an expat. For me, following my husband meant I gave up a job (and you may have done the same, given up a job or career in your passport country, or the country that you lived in previously). My first time jumping ship and following my husband allowed …

To Infinity and Beyond: How to Launch your TCK into a New School with Confidence

to infinity and beyond

Starting at a new school can be both exciting and terrifying for any student. Whether it’s your child’s first, fourth or fifteenth move, switching to a new school is never easy. With so many unknowns, silent questions play on the minds of new students in the lead up to that first day. For Third Culture Kids* (TCK) moving from one culture to another, there is often the added unknown of cultural differences and expectations, which can shake their self-confidence and …


Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Denise Schnitzer I Am A Triangle

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your cancelled visa and repatriation plane ticket. Nine months ago, HH (handsome hubby) and I repatriated to the USA. After four magical years in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we put our worldly possessions into 32 boxes and prayed for them to end up on land, not at the bottom of the ocean. We gifted our plants, dishes, anything with a plug, and all food stuffs from the cupboards and fridge to friends and building staff.   Attending “good-bye” parties …


The Space Between: Arriving and Departing

Carolyn Parse Rizzo I Am A Triangle

Let’s leave grazing to cows and go Where we know what everyone really intends Where we can walk around without clothes on. –from Rumi’s Let’s Go Home The space between arriving and departing can be rich and profound, but be warned: if still waters run deep then diving down there swirls the sludge around. What was lodged and decaying may surface. It can be disruptive.  Be ready! It’s summer, you’re on vacation. There you are, doing the backstroke, eyes closed, …