Anthony Bourdain Inspired Many

Anthony Bourdain inspiration

I never really watched Anthony Bourdain’s food slash travel shows. I’m not a big TV person anyway, but I did catch the tail end of a few “Parts Unknown” and got the gist. I appreciated the warmth and genuine interest that he showed the people he met on his travels, but a food and travel show for someone who has been a Triangle for 30 years, 20 of those years in the hotel business, just seemed like I was watching a version of my own life, which didn’t interest me much!

I know many Triangles who have expressed their love and respect for Anthony Bourdain and some even said that it was he who inspired them to travel around the world. Isn’t that awesome? Who wouldn’t want to be the inspiration for a whole bunch of people to get out of the safety of their own community and explore “parts unknown”? Meeting fascinating people, learning about diverse cultures, different religions and exotic food. Seeing the world from a broader perspective and becoming open to almost anyone and anything. What a legacy!

And then, the devastating news that Anthony Bourdain had killed himself. Committing suicide, leaving an 11-year-old daughter, friends, family, colleagues, and fans behind, forever wondering what they could have done to help prevent this. It got me thinking…

Triangles love to tell the stories of their incredible adventures. We show photos and hang trinkets from our globe-trotting escapades all over our homes. We are always looking for creative ways to show off where we’ve been and what we have experienced. I don’t mean show off in an arrogant way, I mean more like a brownie badge, something to celebrate and be proud of. And why not? We have earned it; it’s not easy being a Triangle, and if we’re honest, a lot of the time it’s not at all as it appears to be. To be fair, the only difference between Anthony Bourdain and most of us Triangles is that Anthony Bourdain’s video clips were being published on CNN (and he was being paid handsomely for them!) whereas most of us Triangles go no further than FB or Instagram (for free!)

In my personal life and in my work, I am drawn to those who live incongruous with their authentic selves – I did for so long. And I know that many Triangles struggle with this too. My work revolves around helping people recognize this incongruence and supporting them in the process of reconnecting with their true selves. I wanted to write this post to say simply; I know.


You don’t have to be famous to feel like you are living a dream that isn’t necessarily yours.

You don’t have to be depressed to realize that there is more to life than fulfilling other people’s expectations of you.

And you don’t have to feel the pain all over again to experience profound healing.

My own healing came from my travels and my children.

Not because I purposely looked for healing as I traveled the world, or that my children did anything in particular, but because traveling allowed me to see the reflection of my authentic self. It has been nothing less than a blessing to experience so many versions of humanity. Of courage. Of determination. Of pain and suffering. Raising my children with this awareness gave me the opportunity to practice and express the very self that I saw in that reflection. I now know for sure that every single person on the planet, no matter where they are from, no matter what their beliefs are, no matter what their behavior looks like … everyone just wants to be seen for who they truly are.

The problem is it takes enormous courage to let go of the layers of protection that we have created out of fear of being hurt again. I have lived my life on a barbed wire fence, on one side people telling me how lucky I am and how creative I am and how happy I am – which all sounds very positive but it didn’t ring true for me because inside I was living with the echo of “you’re not enough”.

My path didn’t force me to pick a side; it allowed me to remove the barbed wire.

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.

Being a Triangle gives us the wisdom to know we are nothing. It often distracts us from the love we need to know that we are everything.

Our work is in the balance.

Author: Angela

Angela was born and raised in Liverpool, England and began her expat journey at the age of 17. She has lived in a total of 11 different countries in just under 30 years.

UK | Germany | USA | S. Korea | Venezuela | Taiwan | India | Malaysia | Vietnam | Malaysia | Tahiti | Malaysia | Jordan | UK

On her travels Angela came across her passion and purpose in education, particularly in understanding how we learn. She has an insatiable appetite for helping people of all ages unlock their unique potential. This passion led her to attain a number of diplomas and certificates in various nuero-developmental methods and healing techniques and ultimately in creating her passion project; Katie’s Readers – a community of volunteers whose aim is to “Scatter the love of learning around the world.” She is also a certified life coach and works primarily with {expatriate} mothers, youth and clients who work directly with children.

Angela recently returned to Liverpool, coming full circle to finally lay down roots while continuing to follow her own passions and inspiring others to do the same!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I relate as a recovering expat that has dealt with depression at various times of repatriation. I serve individuals, families and groups with international health and life insurance now and at time living vicariously through them it is painful.

    I long to be back in ither places. I long to be in another land for a season or forever.

    Exposure has a way of doing this to you at times.

    Reach out if you need to or want to, andrew@international-care.com

    I have grieved his loss but realized many others are on z similar path.

  2. Woe. What a powerful piece. Your writing and the way you express is brilliant. And this was profound. I’m not an expat in this realm… but I am in other realms of what one might call the spiritual realm. I’m am the everything and the nothing and all that is that. beautifully written Angela… as always xx

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