My list of gratitudes: (not in order)


1. my Mark!!

2. my parents and in-laws

3. my younger brother

4. my Grandma & Nana

5. my Framily (friends I consider family)

6. International foods

7. my education (Greenhill School, W.T.White High School, Texas A&M University, Landmark Education)

8. my BFFSTG

9. my Emily Tara Julies health

14.knowing Michele, Kathie, Lori & Grandon

15.nail polish in five US states and two foreign countries

17.floating on the Dead Sea


19.bee keeping class



22.scuba diving sense of adventure and travel

24.National American Teen pageant (Finalist)

25.National Aerobics Championship (Bronze winner, Regional)

26.dancing at half-time on the field of professional indoor soccer game

27.power hang gliding

28.kite surfing


30.stand up paddle boarding

31.repelling (didn’t love it)

32.seeing an opera in Oman

33.hiking in the Arabian desert

34.hiking in Jordan

35.hiking in Alaska

36.white water rapids in Alaska

38.Gluten Free food

39.traveling in a private plane

40.going on the Good Year blimp, twice

41.driving in armored car with a police escort

42.swam with a dolphin named Spot for over an hour

43.meeting two Ambassadors and one Deputy Ambassador of USA

44.meeting Ambassador of Japan

45.meeting Ambassador of Italy

46.meeting Ambassador of Egypt media, to be connected and reconnected with friends

48.writing my blog consistently since 2011

49.writing for an international web site

50.being a “yes” to new things language skills

52.knowing Zuzu

53.getting invited

54.irises mobile phone

56.celebrating another year on Earth

57.sunny days

As we travel through the journey called ‘life’, we explore people, places, foods and experiences that make up our existence. In the end, we must consider our lives full and rich and our legacies long-lasting.

These are the fifty-seven things I am most grateful for. What is on your list?

Author: Denise Schnitzer

Denise Schnitzer is a prolific writer, traveler, and adventurer. Her explorations have taken her to 38 countries and four continents, so far. Since starting her blog in 2011,, she has posted over 1,200 entries. As an adventurer, she enjoys exploring each new city, hiking, teaching yoga on the beach, scuba diving and sand trekking. Considering herself happy, blessed and grateful, her daily mantra is: HAVE FUN EVERY DAY.🎈

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