Moving To a different country

Are you preparing or just thinking of moving abroad? Moving to a different country is not easy. Our global community of experts have all done it multiple times so we know what it’s like.

The flood of emotions and logistics that come with taking the leap and making the choice to embrace a new culture and daily life is normal! Whether you are embarking on this journey on your own or with a family, with an employer or on your own purse strings, we are here to help you navigate it all!

Our community and expansive resources will guide you through the “Wow! We need to think about this” moments. We are also here if you decide “it’s just not right for me at the moment” and will also be by your side for when the “We’ve said YES!” elation turns into the “What Now?” questions that you will have.

Below are some of our most trusted and recommended resources and advice.

  • Ready to learn about your new location? Even better, do you desire to find new friends before you even land? Visit our location based groups:

    I Am A Triangle Location Groups

  • Check out the HSBC insights into life abroad in many different countries.
  • Adelante is designed to guide children through every stage of an international move. It provides a practical framework for children, parents or teachers to use.

  • Purchase the Ultimate Checklist Package for Moving Abroad from our partner Expat Lifeline. Your indispensable guide to a simpler, safer, saner life. Done for you checklists and templates so you have the information you need, wherever, whenever you need it.
  • Coming Soon: Introducing the Moving Matrix … designed to help your family hone in on your individual priorities. Assisting you with finding home.
  • MOVING WELL … by Jerry Jones.  Maybe you are one of those: Military families, missionaries, international business people, career students, global teachers, jet setters, globe trotters and restless wanderers  – all on the move and likely to stay that way until they can’t any longer. Let’s talk about “moving well.” It’s instability at it’s finest.

Still looking for more? Check out the blog for stories, inspiration and information for your journey.

If you have a service or article that helped with moving to a different country, join our community and share it there so others in your same position can get the help and support they need too.

Once you’ve settled into your life overseas, check out the Living Abroad page for more helpful resources.