The I Am A Triangle Community has see it all. We have the resources to get you and your family the information and support you need. It’s advice and resources to help in whatever life abroad throws at you. Perhaps you have been through the loss of a loved one while you’ve been far away. Are you preparing for the arrival of your first child? Or maybe you are helping your children transition to high school or university! You might have left your career behind and are searching for a portable career or volunteerism.

Let us mitigate that overwhelming feeling and help you maintain your sense of identity and a full dance card! Living overseas doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of our trusted partners and resources to get you through it.

  • Learn how to settle in to your current location and read this book by Melody Warnick, This is Where You Belong.

    Living Overseas Resources Melody Warnick

  • Looking for some new friends? Click here to join our community and find other Triangle members near you.


  • You don’t want to miss our amazing collection of recommended podcasts discussing all sorts of topics that you will find interesting.

    podcasts living abroad resources i am a triangle

  • Are you ready to create a career that you can take on the go, wherever you find yourself next? Learn more on our Expert’s Corner page from Tandem Nomads and Career Valet, about steps you can take today.

    Career Valet Tandem Nomads I Am A Triangle

  • On the search for networking opportunities and new work relationships? Our expert Stephanie Ward talks with Founder Naomi Hattaway about strategic partnerships in this video interview.

    Stephanie Ward I Am A Triangle Interview

  • Do you believe that volunteering unlocks the key to contentedness when living abroad? Click through to the volunteer topic thread in our community and read about volunteerism. A Smile Richelle Goodrich I Am A Triangle

Haven’t found the resources you need? Just ask the thousands of people who have been through it themselves. Join the IAAT Community, ask your question, vent your frustrations, share your story.

Are you moving back to your home country soon? You might find the resources and links on the “Returning Home” page useful.