Returning Home

Repatriation. Returning Home. Heading back. No matter what you call it, going home after living abroad brings up it’s own unique set of challenges.

If you are pondering or planning a return home, or if you’ve already landed there, the feelings you may be experiencing are not isolated to your situation! Figuring out how to leave a place you have come to love and land gently back in your homeland are all things the I Am a Triangle community can help with. We can offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. The emotional roller coaster or reverse culture shock strikes again. Even the familiar tasks of packing and saying goodbye can feel like a brand new experience.

But don’t fret, just as when you left home, you will once again have your I Am a Triangle tribe at your back, by your side and leading the way to the best homecoming possible!

Community is the most important at this stage. As you find yourself back in your Square society, you are now a Triangle. Learn from those you have been there before. Share you story on the IAAT Community. Find your tribe and people who are or have been going through the same emotions. You are not alone. The I Am A Triangle Global Community is here for you. And here are some of the best resources and pieces of advice to help you through it.

More stories and inspiration can be found on the blog.

  • Read the original repatriation blog post around the I Am A Triangle concept and community.

  • Feel like a pro at moving and relocating? Are you heading “back home” soon and feel as though it will be an easy move? Learn from our members about their stories and understand what they wish they’d known.

    Repatriation Returning Home I Am A Triangle

  • Expecting that ‘home’ will be the way it was when you left as an expat? You may be shocked to discover that both you AND home have changed! Veteran trainer, consultant, and world adventurer Craig Storti addresses reentry issues in his book, The Art of Coming Home.

  • Cate Brubaker shares tips for creating a re-entry support ecosystem on her podcast with intention!

  • Finding “The Way Home” … an article from Advisory Board Member Ellen Mahoney.


  • The Re-entry Relaunch Roadmap is a fun and thought-provoking workbook designed to help you navigate reverse culture shock and find your next global adventure after living, working, studying, volunteering or traveling abroad.

    Re-Entry Relaunch Roadmap