The I Am A Triangle community is fortunate to have an amazing support team working behind the scenes. They are so quiet and efficient, we bet you didn’t know they existed. We want to give a big ∆ thank you to everyone who has given of their time and energy to our community. We are so grateful for your contribution.

Tanner Pontius

Tanner is a web professional living in Columbus, Ohio. He runs a small digital agency in Columbus helping businesses grow through online strategies. He enjoys fitness, skiing, and travel.

Lillian Small

Lillian is an expat spouse from Canada. She re-invented herself while living overseas, from chemical engineer to digital marketing consultant. She loves to cook, bake, blog and photograph her travels and expat life.


Paperfish Creative is a website / branding / packaging business that balances right-brained creativity, with left-brained genius. Their attention to approachable designs with clear messages and usability has helped them become the Home Based Business of the Year in Northern Virginia.


Radiance IP Law is an exclusively flat fee law firm based in the Washington, DC area. The firm provides outside general counsel services to emerging and established businesses throughout the United States in the areas of trademark law, copyright law, advertising law, and contract law.

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