Our Values

Above all else, I Am a Triangle stands for equality, vulnerability and diversity

I Am A Triangle believes in collaboration, joint responsibility and the power and value an individual brings to our community.

We are guided by the premise that every voice matters and every story has a place.

We believe that education and support is vital to the overall health of families and individuals who live abroad, and that our community can make a difference in the larger sector of global mobility.

We know that when our members are supported in their diversity and wide range of experiences, and when our community steps alongside to enrich their lives, we are empowered to go out and do that thing we are here to do. We believe when we are supported in our ventures and efforts, our work is done BETTER.

Our Mission

I Am A Triangle serves its members by virtue of community-led authenticity, restructuring the way we mentally prepare to live abroad or return “home”, and by presenting opportunities to change the future of global mobility.

Through a vibrant and unique online community, in-person gatherings and a comprehensive website offering the “best of” resources, we aspire to become the go-to organization offering support, encouragement and empowerment to those living life abroad, whether past, present or future.


Our Story

This community was created for those who have lived in various cultures and countries, whether as children, teens or adults. Going from one culture/country (as a circle) to a second culture/country (the squares) forms a “shape” more like a Triangle. Is that you? To understand the back story of the group and the origin of the name “I Am A Triangle,” please click below..