I Am a Triangle is impacting thousands of people who have struggled with life abroad or have come home only to find it much harder than expected. Here our community is heard, supported, welcomed, and embraced.

Did you quit your career to follow your spouse abroad? Do you find yourself in a country where you can’t legally work? Have all your children gone off to school and you have extra time on your hand?

Volunteering can help re-invent yourself, hone new skills, meet wonderful like minded people and give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Meet the members of our Leadership Team and see that they are just like you.

We are always looking for globally minded people like you to join our team. Help us grow our community and share the resources and support we have to others who need it.

Share your gifts, expertise and time. If you don’t see a position below that suits you, fill out the form below.


The person filling this role will assist the Director in managing the various city and topic-group locations. Basic duties include organizing location data, onboarding new leaders —including general administrative work to ensure they have all the necessary documents, and liaising between the leaders and the Director.
This person will assist the Director in identifying areas/groups in need of help across the world, liaising with various organizations to structure donations, and maintaining a database of opportunities for volunteering.
The person in this role will collaborate with the Director to obtain partnerships with organizations and individuals who align with the values, mission, and vision of the Triangle community and will seek out advertising opportunities for monetization purposes.
One level below the Director, this person will oversee all aspects of the greater team, as well as manage the website and members of the support team.
This position entails overseeing the Triangle community’s social media campaigns and accounts, as well as coordinating with the writing team to create content for blog posts and the “Expert Corner.” Using an editorial calendar, this person will work with the Director to create an annual theme and strategy for social media and PR spots. This person will also be responsible for creating graphics and images and maintaining branding consistency.
We’re looking for several volunteers to copy edit the content on the Triangle website. These people will also connect with leaders of the various location-specific and topic-based TriCONNECT communities for monthly blog posts that highlight the work they do. The writing team will also will assist with reviewing and suggesting necessary edits for contributors’ blogs.
This team will provide synergy among all our researchers and their corresponding survey efforts. The team will also be responsible for collating and curating research across industries to provide an overarching look into the needs of globally mobile individuals and their families. The researchers will work in tandem with Families in Global Transition, the Expat Archive Center, and other approved organizations that are seeking to provide research and data.
This volunteer will liaise with the Creative Content Manager to implement the annual social media strategy, assign and monitor the Weekly Photo Challenges, and assist with the creation of images and graphics that are branded with the I Am a Triangle logo for use on social media.
This person will be responsible for producing the Triangle email newsletter twice a month. This will involve culling content and delivering it in a short, readable way, as well as choosing a blog post to feature and an image to match.
These volunteers will work in tandem with the other moderators and the group admin to ensure and maintain a safe space for Triangle community discussions

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