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Cornelia Miedler I Am A Triangle

My husband and I took a road trip to the South of France recently. On the search for those famous lavender fields, we stopped in the tiny town of Nyons. It was clearly a place where a lot of tourists ended up on their quest to find the purple beauty. The town itself did not have a lot to offer and it was difficult to find a restaurant that had a table for two because of all the out-of-towners invading …

I Am A Triangle Recommended Podcasts

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We have some AMAZING suggestions as it relates to I Am A Triangle recommended podcasts! If you have additional resources that you would suggest or podcasts to recommend, please leave them in the comments! First up, our featured podcast, WOW IN THE WORLD from NPR: WOW IN THE WORLD – great kids’ podcast! Visit these links to learn more about other I Am A Triangle Recommended Podcasts!   THE MINDFUL EXPAT Focuses on issues related to emotional wellbeing and resilience …


International Infinity Day

International Infinity Day David Veitch I Am A Triangle

I had not even had time to think of a subject for this post when somebody suggested Infinity Day. This seemed a good topic as International Infinity Day is the official launch date for the new expat and repatriate network: “I am a Triangle”. Knowing nothing about Infinity Day except its date 8th August I had to look it up. What I found initially sounded a little too intellectual for me: “Celebrating and promoting Philosophy and Philosophising”. I had difficulty …