Braving the Wilderness

Braving the Wilderness

We are tackling Brene Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness, for our first I Am A Triangle Book Club! We have read and discussed the first several chapters, but it’s not too late for you to join in! Check out our Braving the Wilderness  Book Club Discussions inside the community! In a fitting-in culture – at home, at work or in our larger community – curiosity is seen as weakness and asking questions equates to antagonism rather than being valued as learning. …


New Year’s Questions not New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Questions

Many years ago I gave up on the idea of creating New Year’s resolutions. They always seemed so forced and arbitrary. The challenge of coming up with and following through with New Year’s resolutions became even more challenging when we started moving between overseas postings. Even if I knew we weren’t due to move for another year, I never felt confident that things wouldn’t change at the drop of a hat…leaving my resolutions at the bottom of a box on …

The Challenge of Feeling Settled Abroad

feeling settled abroad

My walls at home are bare. Two and a half years living in The Netherlands, and I’ve hung nothing – the Turkish plates that usually hang above the Chinese sideboard, the rice paper Apsara dancer from Cambodia, the Vietnamese propaganda paintings – they’re all collecting dust in the garage. Usually I can’t wait to hang things up, to adorn the walls with family photographs and memories of our life lived across the world. Rich memories come to mind often, vivid …


Put Down Roots

Tips to put down roots as globally mobile families

The sun bore down mercilessly, as I made my way to find this tree in the intense Middle East heat. It was hard to miss it. Standing alone; tall and proud with its roots on a hill in the middle of the Arabian Desert, surrounded only by sand was one of Bahrain’s top tourist attractions. The locals called it “Shajarat-al-Hayat” in Arabic, which meant “The Tree of Life.” As you gaze up at this 32 feet tall Mesquite tree with …

Increase Your Fun Factor on LULU Day!


November 14th is Loosen Up and Lighten Up Day (or LULU Day). A day to let it all roll off your back. A go-with-the-flow kind of day. But, if you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, “kicking back” takes effort. Learning how to “take it is easy” is a life skill and depending upon where you live, it may be a survival skill (i.e. Type A personalities living in Mediterranean countries [me]). What would it take for you to say, Just for …


The Expat Introvert: 3 Top Tips

the expat introvert

Let’s face facts; like it or not, the expat culture is an extroverted one.   Expats meet and greet one another frequently over drinks, (it’s also a drinking culture) coffee, dinners, parties and sports. This can pose a challenge for the expat introvert who is most happy at home curled up with a good book, or having a one-on-one in-depth conversation. What can the expat introvert do to optimize their experience abroad, while remaining true to their introverted nature? Tip # …


24 Life Lessons From My Morning Walk

Morning Walk I Am A Triangle

When my son was a little over a year old, a friend and I began The Morning Walk. Our motivations were simple: lose weight, break up the long days alone with the baby, and vent. We live in a valley between the foothills of the Alps, down a steep hill from the village center. We both pushed strollers up the curving incline to the center of town. Our muscles grew along with our kids.  Preschool began; we dropped the strollers …


Wanting to Belong

a key belongs to it`s lock

Belonging – such a simple yet powerful word. And this word is stuck in my head since our family vacation. I have been living abroad for 15 years now. Is this reoccurring thought of “belonging” – this longing for a place and wanting to belong – a subconscious sign of wanting to settle down? Or does is simply represent the confusion in my mind of not knowing where I really belong and call home? Do I long for something else? …


3 Practices for Cultivating Inner Freedom

Home in Body and Mind “Is there some way to be at home in this being I find myself being?  To be at home in this body and mind?” asks Zen teacher Edward Epe Brown in a delightfully practical guide to Buddhist meditation called Joyful Mind.   I bought that book two months after I left my passport country, fourteen years ago today.  I had two suitcases with me and wouldn’t see my household goods for another year. We moved every …


Where I Am From

Cornelia Miedler I Am A Triangle

My husband and I took a road trip to the South of France recently. On the search for those famous lavender fields, we stopped in the tiny town of Nyons. It was clearly a place where a lot of tourists ended up on their quest to find the purple beauty. The town itself did not have a lot to offer and it was difficult to find a restaurant that had a table for two because of all the out-of-towners invading …