How to avoid relationship problems with this one tip.

You have been there a thousand and one times. At dawn you begin the daily struggle of getting your kids out of bed, clothed, fed and ideally teeth brushed before bringing them to school. You ask your kids to jump in the car, and tell yourself, “There is no shame in arriving to school in my pjs.” The kids make it on time, with lunches and water bottles in tow. Victorious! You rush back home to meet the electrician, whom …


This Is Home: Unconditional Love

This Is Home Angela Ressa I Am A Triangle

Like many of you, I had a really rotten childhood. I won’t go into details in this particular post, but I do want to mention the importance of loving your children in a way that they can feel it. Unconditional love. Find a way to demonstrate that love so they grow up with a deep knowing that they, as human beings are loved, unconditionally. Because the alternative is that they will have to live in constant doubt. Desperately searching for …


I Refuse To Sink : Finding Anchors

Claire Hauxwell I Am A Triangle

When I was a kid, I had a best friend who lived across the street. We did everything together until a certain age, and when life started to insert differing interests and paths into our relationship – we drifted apart. It’s totally normal. We remained friends through high school, went to the same college, and today we’re friends on Facebook. I love seeing her and her family through photos and posts, but I no longer know her like I did …