The guilt of distance

Guilt of Distance | I Am A Triangle

At the foot of his bed, I sat staring up at Superman’s tired face while I helped him put his feet through the legs of his trousers. Both of our eyes were welled with tears, and I’m sure at that moment we both had never thought this day would ever come. Seeing my father so ill was not what I had imagined I would be dealing with during our visit to the USA. I’ve known my dad wasn’t the guy …

Phoenix Rising: a reflection on expat resilience and health crisis abroad

phoenix rising

“Have the courage to rise from the challenges of life like a phoenix from the flames or you’ll get lost in the ashes of despair, pain, and regret.” ― Nanette Mathews   Survive-Cope-Expand-Thrive As the wife of a neurosurgeon in a region of Italy known for adventure tourism, I often hear the kinds of stories that make most people move to get ducks in order before their next trip: a bike accident during their 50th wedding anniversary trip across Europe; …

Grief and Grieving: a right or wrong way?

I Am A Triangle Grief and Grieving

Grief and grieving. The shock, even though we know someone will die as they age or illness comes, there is still shock when it happens. This is followed very quickly by a funeral which brings so many more elements into this shock time. Being with family or not being able to be there, travel, expense, lack of sleep and the normal things in your life all consume your first days after death. Then your daily routine returns. Now, you ask: …


Introducing Virtual Gatherings

I Am A Triangle virtual gathering

Introducing Virtual Gatherings! I love love love our community and want to spend more time with you! While I’ve been able to meet MANY of you as our family has traveled around the world, I want to see more of your faces!  👋🏼  We have had our TriCONNECTs (in person gatherings that are city specific) for a few years now, and it’s time to revamp the way we gather as Triangles. I’m setting the virtual dinner table for you and …


Put Down Roots

Tips to put down roots as globally mobile families

The sun bore down mercilessly, as I made my way to find this tree in the intense Middle East heat. It was hard to miss it. Standing alone; tall and proud with its roots on a hill in the middle of the Arabian Desert, surrounded only by sand was one of Bahrain’s top tourist attractions. The locals called it “Shajarat-al-Hayat” in Arabic, which meant “The Tree of Life.” As you gaze up at this 32 feet tall Mesquite tree with …


Ambivert Appointments

I Am A Triangle Ambiverts Nancy Campbell Luke Chesser

Living overseas, especially when you live in a beautiful place like Southern Spain, creates its own form of guilt. How can you be anything less than content in the land of tinto de verano, endless sunshine, fiestas, and family? Those who know the feeling understand. The ache. Watching others chat over coffee, while you are mentally practicing how to order one. Lingering at the schoolyard, while other parents catch up on gossip. Scanning through social media, it seems your former …


Ghosts Know No Borders

When you lose someone your guts fall out. But here’s something I never thought about until I lost three of the most important people in my life and my dog in one year, all while living overseas – dead people are everywhere and ghosts know no borders. There was an automatic movement that your hand made when it reached to dial her number, that it now only almost makes, knowing she won’t be on the other end of the call. …

Strategic Partnerships with Stephanie Ward, Firefly Coaching

Stephanie Ward I Am A Triangle Interview

Do you need to expand your international network using strategic partnerships? Reach thought leaders and need help elevating your business or project? Join me for an interview with Stephanie Ward from Firefly Coaching to learn the TOP tips and tricks for creating purposeful relationships and authentic partnerships.   The following is the transcript from the broadcast shared above, originally recorded live. We are live for the very first ever Triangle Live broadcast. This is really super exciting, it’s a fun …