Support Nursing Education in Kurdistan

Support Nursing Education in Iraq!

University of Raparin sits at the outer edge of the city of Rania in the Kurdish area of Iraq.  As you drive into the city, the first thing you see are large billboards with portrait pictures of soldiers – visual tributes to the many sacrifices the city has made to fight outside forces that would destroy it. Talk to a few of the residents and you will learn more of what these sacrifices looked like to families and the entire …


I Am A Triangle Impact Initiative

Triangle Impact Initiative

The term Triangle Impact Initiative (hereafter known as TII) isn’t very sexy and it doesn’t flow off of the tongue very well, but what I do know for sure is that it is exciting, game changing and is a beautiful opportunity for the I Am A Triangle community to uplevel our global impact – quite literally. Looking back … The I Am A Triangle (IAAT) community has been in existence since September of 2013. We have lived on a new …