Our members truly know firsthand what it is like to arrive in a new location, often not knowing a single soul. Those that have “been there, done that” can resonate with the feelings of isolation, a desire to connect and the hope that someone, somewhere, is available for a get together. The I Am A Triangle community is fortunate to have leadership in place for these get togethers, which we call TriCONNECTS. Our leaders have volunteered their time to pull together our members in cities across the world, to form small groups for community and fellowship.

Our leaders are doctors, lawyers, aid workers, former teachers, full time mamas, retired military personnel, stay-at-home parents (to name a few) and run the gamut in terms of their expertise and wisdom. Our leaders are responsible to organize our get togethers, as well as facilitate the engagement and dialogue in the conversations that take place on our communication platform, I Am A Triangle via Mighty Networks.

In addition to our city location TriCONNECT groups, we also have groups that reflect people’s lives such as missions, military, international workers, LGTBQIA+, parents of special needs children, and more.

Have an idea for a new TriCONNECT group, or find yourself in a location where there is not currently a TriCONNECT? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you!


  • TESS NORTHTESS NORTH (Montreal, Canada) : My passion is baking! I love chocolate and the art of decorating with food. After doing an International food fair and pastry school in the Netherlands, we moved to Montreal and I was back to working in an office. I quit my office job back in November to become a professional cake decorator and never looked back. This is the best leap I’ve ever made and first time I listened to myself and what I wanted!!! Food makes people happy and through my creations I am making people happy too! Sweet Spot Amersfoot
  • ANN-KATRIN van SCHIE (Tokyo, Japan) : I have lived in Tokyo the past 1.5 years and it is my 6th location, including a repatriation. Moving around can be emotionally exhausting and I want to play a part to let other expatriates and repatriates feel “at ease”. At Ease is a place with information and thoughts around Wellbeing, Yoga, Fitness and Easy Recipes. I am currently in training to become a coach helping female expatriates and repatriates through the emotional turmoils of a life abroad.
  • PAULA RAJARATNAM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) : Hi everyone! I have been a Triangle and TCK all my life after moving to Singapore as a child and then living in Thailand, UAE and Scotland before making Malaysia our home 12 years ago. I have two amazing sons, who are also full-fledged TCKs as well!! My passion at the moment is helping Stay-At-Home mums grow their business. I run Paula, Your Virtual PA and am continually learning all the time. I love my life and love the flexibility that it offers me. Happy Trails everyone!
  • GEOFF HAWKER (New Orleans, Louisiana) : I’ve been an expat since 2008. My wife and I did a bunch of traveling before then including a year around the world adventure. I think that had something to do with our initial step off into international land. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and so far we have been to Perth, Bakersfield, CA and Chengdu, China. We plan on continuing our international experience for the foreseeable future. In addition to leading the New Orleans TriCONNECT, I spend time volunteering at my two daughters’ schools and working with expat clubs, tennis and as many lunch dates as possible.
  • KORTNEY THOMA (Seattle, Washington) : I’m a leadership development coach and owner of New Avenue Coaching . While Seattle is currently where I live, my true home is less about a location and more about the people I’m with. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures, languages, ideas and places, and that curiosity has led me to life and work in five different countries. Where to next? I wouldn’t say no to a year living in Antarctica!
  • CAMILLA DEGERTH (London, UK) : I own a coaching business called Camillion, and am a personal and career coach for young professionals, executives and their families, specializing in Global Nomads. I am the co-leader of the TriCONNECT London and while we have a huge geographical area to cover, we hope that everyone will use the local group to engage and find their local Triangles.
  • CHERYL FRY (Sydney, Australia) : My passion is supporting expat spouses in their own personal journey at One Journey Coaching. I have been in Sydney after repatriating to Australia after 10 years overseas (Hong Kong, Brazil, USA). Sydney is not our hometown so we are “new” as well and I am enjoying getting to know all the other Triangles here.
  • MARTHA MCGOWAN (Cincinnati, Ohio) : I’m currently working in a quirky little wine shop owned by a friend here in Cincinnati. Learning about wine has been a fun new adventure. I volunteer at my sons school, and with friends around town with groups I care about. And one of my passions is to learn different art forms. I’m currently trying to master ceramics and loving it, and the people I have met while giving it a go.
  • SIBYLLA GROTTKE (Berlin, Germany) : I have very recently repatriated to Berlin, Germany from China. My passion is actually Chinese Ink Painting – I had started studying it many years before we actually went to live in China, and it was my motivation for moving to China. That, and TRAVEL!! I also write travel articles (until recently for a Shanghai expat publication). Now, I am trying hard to readjust to Germany while I still miss China a lot!
  • ANITA HOBBS (Dallas, Texas) : I have recently lived and taught international students, in Istanbul, Turkey. I share my work and creativity at Art – Teach – Travel. After moving back to my home state of Texas, I found I missed the international connections made living overseas and now enjoy finding new friendships and cultural events to explore.
  • ROBIN BLANC (St. Louis, Missouri) : My passion project is my blog, Robin STL. I was born in St. Louis, but grew up in Nassau, Bahamas. I have also lived in Brasil, Austria, and Japan – and returned to St. Louis four years ago. I am looking forward to meeting other Triangles.
  • REGINA KRIEG (Stuttgart, Germany) : My passion project is my blog fullmoon. I grew up in Baden-Württemberg and after almost 10 years of being an Expat, I relocated to Schwäbisch Gmünd (50km east of Stuttgart) in February 2017.
  • NAOMI HATTAWAY (Columbus, Ohio) : I am the Founder of the I Am A Triangle community and a Realtor with a global network of relocation professionals! I am passionate about community building and really passionate about changing the way we live abroad.
  • FAY SHERWOOD (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) : I am currently living in Abu Dhabi and am a Canadian from California. At Fairy’s Creations, I am actively teaching people to be creative in their lives while working on my art for sale, commissions and hoping to have a private exhibition of my art this year sometime.
  • FATIMAH DHAI (Doha, Qatar) : I am a South African optometrist who has been lucky enough to be a trailing spouse, travel expat blogger and “professional tourist” in Tanzania, Amsterdam and have now just moved to our 3rd assignment based in Doha Qatar. I blog about travel tips, food reviews, photography and expat adventures at Travelling Muslimah
  • CATH BREW: (LGBTQIA+) : While so many LGBTQIA+ around the world remain unsafe, it is important to me to help offer support and work to raise awareness. Read more about Stonewall, an organization I support.

    I am a creative and my work can be found at Red Plait Interpretation. For me, part of being a Triangle lies in my interest in world events, politics and social change. I am also a co-leader for the PLUG-In group (Politics, Legislation, Unity and Government).