Life’s Lessons Across Different Roles

Moving to Thailand five years ago was an experience that went beyond my and my husband’s wildest dreams. It was a life-changing journey that challenged us; broadened our horizons; clarified our priorities; allowed us to learn about, see and experience the world; and  that led to lifelong connections with others. It was so much more and better than what we could ever have hoped for or imagined. So it was with the same sense of adventure, excitement, and anticipation that …

Wayside, A Repatriation Reminder

Nitsa Repatriation

A storm is pummeling the coast of my country as I write this. The wind and the water, whips my home, where I have been back living in for one year. My gutter went wayside, the bottom of it flying across the back yard. Instead of getting it, I stare at it the white metal, rolling around from out my back window. It was the quietness of rainstorms such as these that I loved most about Munich. Days I could …


Returning Home & Re-Thinking Re-Entry

Cate Brubaker Rethinking ReEntry I Am A Triangle

When I give an interview these days, or talk to anyone about my repatriation story, I often can recall the physical reaction that I had to the repatriation process. After returning home, felt truly depressed, for the first time in my life, and felt as though I had no purpose. I went from vibrant, excited and inspired to lethargic, homebound and unmotivated. Even the way I dressed and showed up to the world changed after we left Asia to return …


Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Denise Schnitzer I Am A Triangle

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your cancelled visa and repatriation plane ticket. Nine months ago, HH (handsome hubby) and I repatriated to the USA. After four magical years in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we put our worldly possessions into 32 boxes and prayed for them to end up on land, not at the bottom of the ocean. We gifted our plants, dishes, anything with a plug, and all food stuffs from the cupboards and fridge to friends and building staff.   Attending “good-bye” parties …

How to Relate to Non-Expats

Repatriation Relationships I Am A Triangle

As widely known amongst expats who have made the move back to their home countries, repatriating can be just as, if not more, difficult than moving overseas. When relocating overseas to a new and unfamiliar country, we expect a period of adjustment to new surroundings, a new culture, new foods, a new language and a new way and rhythm of daily life. We prepare for the move by reading up on the country, culture, climate and food; studying the language; …