The great escape! Horse Riding Safari

Cynthia Janssens I Am A Triangle

“What in the world was I thinking?!” As the date of my horse riding safari rapidly approached, that was the thought crossing my mind. Not only had I not been on a horse in 20 years, but what if I was attacked by an animal? All those things that had seemed like details at the time of booking, were now all running through my head. Back when I had made the reservation, I was going through a rough stretch. We …


The Space Between: Arriving and Departing

Carolyn Parse Rizzo I Am A Triangle

Let’s leave grazing to cows and go Where we know what everyone really intends Where we can walk around without clothes on. –from Rumi’s Let’s Go Home The space between arriving and departing can be rich and profound, but be warned: if still waters run deep then diving down there swirls the sludge around. What was lodged and decaying may surface. It can be disruptive.  Be ready! It’s summer, you’re on vacation. There you are, doing the backstroke, eyes closed, …


Takeoffs and Landings

I met a man named Barry on a flight from Munich from London. I observed my children, as they used their British accents acquired at their English school in Germany to converse with him. I smirked at how they would seamlessly switch their little voices, depending on whom they were speaking to. Often, my daughter would use her Boston accent with her brother and me, but as we approached the school she was suddenly someone different. Barry was interested in who we were, and how we …