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Triangle Impact Initiative

The term Triangle Impact Initiative (hereafter known as TII) isn’t very sexy and it doesn’t flow off of the tongue very well, but what I do know for sure is that it is exciting, game changing and is a beautiful opportunity for the I Am A Triangle community to uplevel our global impact – quite literally.

Looking back …

The I Am A Triangle (IAAT) community has been in existence since September of 2013. We have lived on a new platform (Mighty Networks) since August 8, 2017 and in the past five years we have seen a plethora of outstanding support, undying commitment to each other, and – as we like to boast – answers that you can’t even find on Google!

We have seen life changing decisions being made because of the love and friendship among Triangle members, hundreds of in-person gatherings across the world, and businesses being born. We have shown up for our members when they have suffered unimaginable pain and loss when loved ones have died. We have celebrated with members during adoptions, engagements, and in some cases, the end of marriages.  We have stood by each other during repatriation blues and the sadness of being a Stayer. We have encouraged – on repeat – and we have *always* operated from a culture of kindness first.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned an awful lot about the human race, the communities and countries we borrow as global nomads and Triangles, and I’ve been richly blessed and my life expanded because of the IAAT community.

What is the Triangle Impact Initiative?

I’ve felt for the better part of two years that our community was meant for something greater. Sure, the support, networking and friendships are powerful and important. Absolutely, the wisdom gained from each other is palpable. As a leader though, I have forecasted since 2016 that we needed to step up as a community. We needed to UPLEVEL as Triangles.

Beginning TODAY (I’m giddy with excitement!) we are launching the Triangle Impact Initiative. What this means – in quite simple terms – is that we will:

  1. Choose FOUR initiatives and fundraising opportunities to align with between now and Summer of 2019.
  2. We will show up and open our wallets to support these initiatives AS A COMMUNITY.
  3. Our impact will be shown and felt globally as we seek to honor the communities we borrow around the world.

There are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind.

We have over 15,000 people still hanging around in our archived Facebook Group and 4,000 members in our new community home. If we all gave $1.00, four times per year, we would see MASSIVE impact happening on a global level when partnering with organizations that are committed to (and proven!) providing sustainable and long-term impact.

Moving forward, every time we introduce a new Triangle Impact Initiative Partner (TIIP), if you feel led to contributewe ask that you give NO MORE than $25.00.  You read that right. We aren’t asking you to give hundreds of dollars or dig deep into your pocketbook. Just $25 as a max, per Triangle member PER TIIP that we introduce to you.

*** Small print.

  • The I Am A Triangle community does not profit or benefit from this initiative. I – as the IAAT founder – do not profit or benefit from this initiative. 100% of your donated funds goes STRAIGHT to the organization.
  • EACH and every TIIP is absolutely vetted, and in a hard core way, before they are introduced to you This will mean that the funding platform (i.e. kickstarter, go fund me, indiegogo, etc.) has already approved the fundraiser, and in many cases the organization has already gone through extreme vetting to ensure the project is legitimate. In addition, the IAAT Advisory Board will (in some cases) conduct additional vetting.
  • We are not taking suggestions for future TIIP opportunities at this time. We have already chosen the four partners and we will introduce you to them in August of 2018, November of 2018, February of 2019 and May of 2019.
  • Why $25? The Together Rising movement has been a fab example of the power of micro-giving. They have raised MILLIONS of dollars, $25 at a time, and we believe the model is one that the IAAT community can get behind!
  • Please research whether your gift is tax deductible in your home country by reading the fine print of each fundraiser.

We will link up each article HERE as we introduce each TIIP and we hope you are AS excited as we are to participate in this amazing opportunity.


If this was all too long (TL:DR stands for Too Long : Didn’t Read) and you didn’t want to read the long article, the I Am A Triangle community is upleveling and in addition to being an outstanding resource and support hub for humans on the go – around the world – we are now expanding our reach and impact by aligning with FOUR amazing fundraising opportunities.

Each fundraising opportunity will present an option for you to get involved, open your wallet and impact the world on a global scale … $25 at a time.

I’m so excited to introduce this opportunity, and stand beside ALL of our I Am A Triangle community to see what kind of impact we can really and truly have on the world! It’s time to rally together, and uplevel!

TIIP #1: Nursing Students in Kurdish Region of Iraq

TIIP #2: <coming November 2018>

TIIP #3: <coming February 2019 >

TIIP #4: <coming June 2019>


Author: Naomi Hattaway

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of I Am A Triangle, an online community of members from around the globe who have one thing in common – they’ve lived around the world, away from their passport countries. Offering in-person gatherings in over 80 cities around the globe, I Am A Triangle also exists to be a one-stop-shop for resources whether you are just pondering a move abroad, currently are living the adventure, or are repatriating back “home.” She also owns 8th & Home Real Estate and Relocation, a referral network matching families on the move with real estate professionals who chase communities and not commissions. After living in several locations in the United States, her family (three kids, now ages 21, 13 and 10) moved overseas to Delhi, India where she learned to thrive in the midst of chaos.

Following a one-year stint in Singapore, they are now back in the United States, and she has traipsed her way from Florida to Virginia and is now – for the time being – in Ohio. Naomi is passionate about community building and empowering others to thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home.

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