Jeff Kirschner, Founder of Litterati app

Litterati app
This is a FASCINATING introduction to the Litterati app, which is literally changing the planet, one piece of litter at a time! Why this is such a great fit for our Triangle community is because it provides an easy to way to engage with our planet, no matter where we are currently calling home, and involving our families and co-workers! You simply capture photos of the litter or rubbish you come across in your daily life and tag it with the type of litter … and then join the movement to help make a difference – a REAL difference (psst, take the time to also listen to Jeff’s Ted Talk below!).

Litter is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. Litterati is tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time.

Geotags provide insight into problem areas, while keywords identify the most commonly found brands and products. This data will be used to work with companies and organizations to find more sustainable solutions.

Take a listen, download the Litterati app if you’d like to join the Litterati movement and let us know in the comments if you’re going to take part!

For more information about Litterati, including Jeff’s wonderful Ted Talk, click below!
What do you think? This is a really amazing opportunity to get connected to a volunteer-based experience that helps the planet.

Author: Naomi Hattaway

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of I Am A Triangle, an online community of members from around the globe who have one thing in common – they’ve lived around the world, away from their passport countries. Offering in-person gatherings in over 80 cities around the globe, I Am A Triangle also exists to be a one-stop-shop for resources whether you are just pondering a move abroad, currently are living the adventure, or are repatriating back “home.” She also owns 8th & Home Real Estate and Relocation, a referral network matching families on the move with real estate professionals who chase communities and not commissions. After living in several locations in the United States, her family (three kids, now ages 21, 13 and 10) moved overseas to Delhi, India where she learned to thrive in the midst of chaos.

Following a one-year stint in Singapore, they are now back in the United States, and she has traipsed her way from Florida to Virginia and is now – for the time being – in Ohio. Naomi is passionate about community building and empowering others to thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home.

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